Life Members


Lifetime Membership is a special recognition for any player, coach, referee, administrator, volunteer, or supporter who has had a positive impact on the game of soccer at the state level for a period of five years or longer. The Georgia Soccer Board of Directors proudly confers this honor to these members.


1983 2002
Sam Peddicord Cy Strickler
  Gail Turbyville
1984 Ron Moore
Agnus McAlpine  
Clyde Partin 2003
Rev. Joseph Caffery Gloria Atkinson
  John Warwick
1985 Russel Rankenburg
Dan Weinstein  
1987 Leonard Bender
Harry Geisinger  
1989 Rick Inman
Karl Langheinrich  
Frank Jones 2006
Terry Ball Lance Chaple
1992 2008
Barbara Jones Eugene O'Brien
Jack White  
1993 Karon Beyer
Jack Spencer  
Rick Skirvin 2010
  Harold Vernon
Michael Rachel 2011
  Larry Green
1996 Nancy Marsden
Marilyn Childress  
1997 David Edwards
Mike Brewer  
Perroneau Scott 2014
Robert Ooten Raymond Connelly
2000 2015
Bill Letbetter Bryan McDermott
Jack Trover  
Susanne Conlon  
2001 2016
Carl Krauth Steve Keiss
Jim Archer Delroy Ziadie
Rex Hardaway