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A blog from Jacob Daniel, Georgia Soccer's State Director of Coaching. If you have comments, questions, or topic suggestions, please send them to


New U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center

Jacob Daniel- State DOC


Over the past three years, US Soccer has been revamping its coaching education program. One of the main changes is the emphasis on 'reality based training' which basically means that each practice activity should address a moment or a specific situation in the game and recreate it in practice and teach the players the right behavior to fix the specific problem.

This means that the activities need to be in the same area of the field as the game, using the same player positions of the game, and involving all the players that would have an impact on the target situation. This is done by the coach asking himself/herself the where, who, why, and when questions to recreate the game scenario accurately.

This is a welcome change to the courses and should help our coaches be more effective.


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