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Value of Coaching Clinics

Jacob Daniel- State DOC

One of my most common tasks as a state DOC is to deliver free clinics throughout the state.  I find that although most Club DOC's intuitively know that clinics can benefit their coaches, they are so busy running the day to day affairs of the club that coaching education is often neglected.  This is a reminder of the impact coaching clinics can have.

After conducting one such clinic at one of our member clubs I received the following email from one of the coaches attending the clinic:

Coach Jacob,

Thank you again for the great instruction tonight at the coaches clinic. I have to say it was probably more helpful than I expected or that any one would have realized, but it really energized me as a coach. I had a bad practice on Tuesday with my u8 boys team. My u6 team practice went fine, but I couldn't get my u8 kids to listen they kept running off and doing their own thing. I was trying to show them something I thought was essential to creating a good team. I got really frustrated and discouraged. Afterwards I told my wife I don't think I'll coach that age group next year.

After the clinic I realized it was my fault. I was doing drills that were too hard, too slow, and only occupied one or two kids. That was why tonight was so important. Beyond just learning a couple of new drills to run. I realized what TYPE of drills to run. I came home from the clinic and I was really excited about my next practice.

This note from an appreciative coach hit home as to the value of these clinics.  It also reminded me how important the clinic is beyond just the X's and O's and a recipe of activities.  These clinics, when properly structured and delivered, can influence the coaches in many aspects of coaching, such as the correct player development philosophy, the best way to motivate and keep players enthusiastic, while teaching them to become better players.

And just as important, clinics help keep coaches fresh and energized.  Youth soccer cannot afford to lose coaches to frustration and despair.



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