Risk Management



Risk Management is the collection of actions taken by Georgia Soccer and its affiliates to minimize risk associated with the playing and administration of the game of soccer. Georgia Soccer's Risk Management Committee's role is to study the areas where risk may exist and to propose policy and education to mitigate that risk. 

Risk Management addresses a number of issues which include, but are not limited to, background checks for those involved with youth players, field and game safety, and the protection of the state association and of each member organization and their assets.

Please use these resources to assist in mitigating risk for your organization.

For both Youth & Adult Programs with Participating Minor Players (under 18 years of age)

Background Screening Policy


Harassment & Child Abuse Policy


  • "Darkness to Light" Child Abuse Prevention Program
    The Georgia Soccer Risk Management Committee highly recommends this program to our local affiliates. This resource provides a wealth of information on steps to take to minimize the risk of child abuse, as well as providing important guidance on how to respond to any such situation. This program also offers a "paid for fee service" for those affiliates interested in hiring an expert resource to assist in the local education and formal response involving a possible child abuse issue.
  • "Darkness to Light": 5 Steps
    An introductory guide for responsible adults interested in the prevention of child sexual abuse. The 5 Steps outline the Darkness to Light core principles for preventing, recognizing, and reacting responsibly to child sexual abuse, and form the framework for the adult training program.


Concussion/Head Injury Policy


Emergency Action Plan (Adopted January 2015)


Risk Management Guide
For both State and Local Affiliate Risk Management Program Administrators


Field & Goal Safety






Game Day Supervision


Financial & Administrative Policies


Player Safety & Injury Prevention