Our next Coaching Courses will be held in July & August 2014.   The complete schedule will be posted in mid June 2014.

The Georgia Soccer Coaching Education Program takes many forms and is designed to benefit coaches of all levels, from the novice to the professional. The main components of the program are the Coaching School Formal Certification Courses and the On-Site Special Topics Clinics. The Coaching School staff are nationally licensed professionals who have been selected based on their qualifications and experience as coaches and educators. The coaching courses are recognized by US Soccer, the National governing body, and the state coaching licenses are valid throughout the country.

The Coaching Department of Georgia Soccer, headed by the Director of Coaching, also provides other educational programs for all members. The Coaching Dept conducts Parent Education Seminars and Club Administrators Seminars. The Director of Coaching monitors and trains the State Coaching staff through Staff Development Workshops as well as interacts with the club coaching professionals through the Club DOC’s meetings.

In addition, the coaching section of the Georgia Soccer web site has a number of manuals, videos and articles that cover a broad range of topics on Player development.

All affiliated member leagues can request to host courses, seminars and clinics. Please contact the Director of Coaching Jacob Daniel or the Coaching Administrator Tara Daniel for more information.


Under the auspices of the United States Soccer Federation, Georgia Soccer conducts the State Coaching School Program in order to educate and certify soccer coaches in accordance with the national coaching scheme.

Regardless of previous coaching or playing experience, the Georgia Soccer Coaching School Program is designed to help each coach develop a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of coaching soccer. By offering licensing courses at five different levels, the school is able to expose the beginning as well as the more experienced coach to the internationally recognized modern methods of coaching.

Course fees depend on membership status. Members are defined as Players, Coaches, and parents belonging to Georgia Soccer affiliated clubs, as well as league officers of affiliated clubs.

State ‘G’ Certificate Coaching Course
- FREE for Georgia Soccer Members and $50 for Non-Members

Aimed at coaches and parents of U-6 and U-8 players. The course is four hours long and provides fun activities that enhance players’ skill development. Attendance is required to receive the ‘G’ certificate. 

Starting in summer 2013, there are two ways a candidate can take the ‘G’ course:

1.     The ‘G’ course can be taken in the traditional way by attending the 4 hour course (the traditional ‘G’ course starts with a two hour classroom theory session and followed by a two hour field session).

2.    Or, candidates can do the theory portion of the course online and complete the course by attending the 2 hour field session portion of a traditional ‘G’ course. 

Attending the Traditional ‘G’ course

If you choose to attend the traditional complete 4 hour course, please scroll down and find the section titled:  How To Register For A Coaching Course and follow instructions. 

Doing the online Theory portion first

If you choose to do the online theory portion first, you will have to go through the following steps:

1.    Sign up on the US Youth Soccer site to do the online portion.

2.    Complete the online theory portion.  You will have the option of completing the theory portion in one go or doing it a few chapters at a time over a maximum of a 3 months span.

3.    Once you complete the online course, you will be instructed to sign up for the two hour field portion by selecting the location from the list of available courses.  Please note that the list of available course locations will be regularly updated throughout the summer/winter.  If you do not see a course location that is convenient for you once you complete the online portion, keep checking the list for a better location.

4.    Attend the two hour field portion of the course.  For example, if the traditional ‘G’ course is from 9am to 1pm, you only need to show up at 11am and attend the field portion, which will go from 11am to 1pm.  

To start the online theory portion sign up process, please click here

Please contact Tara Daniel at 678-993-2110 or tdaniel@georgiasoccer.org if you have any questions.

State ‘F’ Certificate Coaching Course - FREE for Georgia Soccer Members and $90 for Non-Members

The ‘F’ course is tailored for the coach who is working with U-10 and U-12 Recreational players. The emphasis is on teaching young players through a variety of fun games and practices. The course consists of 7 hours of instruction and practice. Attendance is required to receive the ‘F’ certificate. There is no pre-requisite for this course. However, U-6 & U-8 coaches must start with the ‘G’ course.

State ‘Recreational ‘E’ Certificate Coaching Course - FREE for Georgia Soccer Members and $90 for Non-Members

The ‘Rec E’ is aimed at coaches of recreational players U-14 and older. The course consists of 7 hrs. of instruction and practices. Attendance is required to receive the ‘Rec E’ certificate. There is no pre-requisite for this course as long as attendees are coaching U-14 or older. The ‘Rec E’ certificate cannot be used as a pre-requisite for the ‘D’ course.

National ‘E’ License Coaching Course - Fee is $90 for Georgia Soccer Members and $200 for Non-Members

The ‘E’ course is an intermediate course geared towards providing a foundation for coaching players in the 9-12 age range Academy/Select levels. The course consists of 16 hours of instruction in the theory and practice of soccer coaching methods. Successful completion is based on the following three requirements:
1.  Submitting 3 Pre-Course Assignments (candidates will be given links to assignments upon course registration).
2.  Attending the full course
3.  Passing a coaching practical test at the course
The ‘F’ certificate is required for attendance. ‘F’ certification may be waived for coaches who are coaching Academy/Select teams or U-14 and older recreational teams.

National ‘D’ License Coaching Course - Fee is $140 for Georgia Soccer Members and $500 Non-members

The ‘D` course provides a detailed analysis of the modern methods of coaching advanced players of all ages. It involves 32 hours of instruction and testing. Successful completion is based on the following:

1.  Preparation Phase:  Candidates are required to complete five (5) pre-assigned training sessions and submit the practice plans at the first weekend of the course.   The five topics for the pre-course training sessions are: 
Goalkeeping – Shot Stopping and Hand Distribution
            Individual Defending
            Receiving and Turning
            Improve Your Team`s Ability to Build up Through Midfield
            Improve Your Team`s Ability to Recover the Ball in the Defensive Half of the Field
Candidates can use the practice plan progression taught at the ‘E` course:  Technical Warm Up, Small-sided Activity, Expanded small-sided Activity, Match Condition.
Candidates must submit the five practice plans at the course check-in on Friday of the first weekend.

2.  First Weekend of Course - (Instructional Phase):  Candidates must attend the first weekend of the course.

3.  Deliberate Practice Phase:  Between the first and second weekends of the course.  Candidates are required to complete five (5) pre-assigned training sessions over a minimum of 10 weeks and submit the practice plans on the second weekend of the course.

4.  Second Weekend of Course - (Performance Review Phase):  Candidates must attend the second weekend of the course at least 10 weeks after the first weekend and pass a final on-field exam.

The ‘E` License is required for attendance (the ‘Rec E` certificate is not acceptable).   No waivers of the ``E`` License are allowed as of January 2013, according to the US Soccer Coaching Department.  Upon earning a National ``E`` License, candidates must wait for at least 6 months before attending a ``D`` License course.  This 6 month period is the Preparation Phase explained above



Most Courses are held in pre-spring (January & February) and pre-fall (July & August) period of each year. Course schedules are posted in mid December and mid June respectively. To register for our currently available classes, please click here. For more information, please contact Tara Daniel at tdaniel@georgiasoccer.org.