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Coaching FAQ

Q: Do I need to be certified in order to coach?

A: According to the Georgia Soccer Bylaws, coaches are strongly encouraged to be certified. The minimum certification level depends on the age and level of the team you are coaching and is listed below:

  • There is a grace period for new coaches to give coaches enough time to get certified. The grace period is 6 months for recreational coaches and 12 months for Academy/Select coaches.


Q: At what level course should I start?

A: All our courses are age and level specific. Some courses have prerequisites and/or pre-course assignments.  Please refer to Course Descriptions section.


Q: Do assistant coaches need to be certified?

A: Although assistant coaches are not required to be certified, Georgia Soccer highly recommends that they get certified.


Q: Are there waivers for College players or semi-pro players?

A: According to the US Soccer Coaching Department, no waivers are allowed as of January 2013. Candidates who wish to attain a USSF coaching license must start with the free introductory online course through the Digital Coaching Center (DCC). The only two exceptions for a waiver are as follows. Coaches who played as full-time professionals for a minimum of three years can go directly to the USSF C. Coaches who played professional for 5 years or played for the national team can go directly to the USSF B course. 


Q: Do I have to attend the entire duration of the course?

A: Yes, each class must be attended in its entirety. Any candidate who misses any portion will get an ‘Incomplete’ grade and will have to make up the missed portion at another class before being eligible to receive the license.


Q: How do I get replacement certificates?

A: We do not issue replacement certificates, but we can confirm your license level via email.


Q: How long is my Coaching License valid for?

A: Coaching Licenses do not expire; the only exception is the USSF A License, which needs to be renewed every 4 years.


Q: How old do you have to be to attend a class?

A: Candidates must be at least 14 years of age to attend a state-level coaching course.


Q: What do I need to wear or bring to the class?

A: For most courses, the candidates are used for the field demonstrations. It is not mandatory for candidates to participate in the field sessions and those who are unable to play are not penalized in any way. Candidates who wish to participate should bring playing gear and a soccer ball. All candidates should come prepared for whatever weather conditions exist since most of the class is delivered outside. 


Q: Does Georgia Soccer help in getting coaching positions after they take a class?

A: Georgia Soccer does not directly help coaches get a coaching position. However, coaches can contact the member clubs directly using the Club Locator in our web site under the tab ‘About’. 


Q: How do I become a member?

A: Georgia Soccer does not accept individuals as members of the association except for nominated Life and Hall of Fame Members. An individual is a member of Georgia Soccer if he or she is a registered player in an affiliated club, a parent of a registered youth player, a coach or a club official.


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