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The Georgia Soccer Coaching Department has produced a number of Coaching Manuals for its member coaches to supplement the manuals from the coaching courses. 


KINS Manual

This is a coaching manual for organizing the training and game format for 6U and 8U players.

Club Player Development Manual

Written by Jacob Daniel, Georgia Soccer’s Director of Coaching, this manual is a must for every decision maker or director at your club. In the newly expanded second edition, find answers to these questions and many more: 

  • How do you structure your club in the most effective and efficient way?

  • What is the role of the Board?

  • What is the role of the DOC?

  • How do players develop?

  • How do you set goals for your club?

  • How do you evaluate your team’s performance?

  • How do you deal with and educate parents?

  • How do you implement a club curriculum??

Academy Select Coaching Manual

This is a coaching manual for 10U and 12U players and contains the training priorities, sample activities and recommendations for improving players technique and tactical awareness.

Academy Select Coaching Manual Pt. II

This is the second part of the aforementioned 10U and 12U Academy/Select manual. This manual has a more tactical focus on the concepts of possession soccer and on laying the foundation for possession soccer to prepare for the 11v11 environment.

2017 ODP Coaching Manual

This manual is used by US Youth Soccer ODP coaches at the region and state level. It provides those coaches with the standards for training players in the ODP program. This in turn improves these players' opportunities to move into the U.S. Soccer national player pools. Club coaches are encouraged to use this manual to teach their teams possession soccer. This is an excellent manual for coaching "playing out of the back."



Implementing a Club Wide Curriculum

The future of youth soccer can be captured in two words, soccer academies. Academy is the catch word. Everyone is looking to position their club as a soccer "academy," but what does that mean? Most people would agree that the word academy implies a school, but schools have a curriculum that is utilized to teach and measure the effectiveness of teaching; therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to have an academy but not a curriculum.
Player Development Model - How to Train 6U - 12U

This outlines Georgia Soccer's Director of Coaching's technical recommendations for 6U - 12U for optimum player development.

Practice vs. Game - Which one is better?

In any sport, players develop skills via a combination of practices and competitions. This begs the questions: What should the practices-to-games ratio be? How often should we schedule games? What is more important for player development?

The Youth Academies in England's Premiership

This describes the evolution of the youth academies in England, in their attempt to overhaul their player development structure, and what lessons we can learn from their initiatives.

Ethics in Youth Soccer

This is aimed at coaches, parents and club leaders and discusses the potential adverse impact of a win-at-all-cost approach to youth coaching. 

Traveling and Playing on the Same Day

What can be done to eliminate the adverse effects of travel on performance? 

Mandatory Coaches Licenses for Recreational Coaches 

Do you have the correct license level for the recreational team you are coaching? 

The New Epidemic...Sideline (Mis)Behavior 

A look at sideline behavior and its impact on player performance, this article addresses an increasingly disturbing trend in youth soccer. 

Goal Safety—It can save a life!

Georgia Soccer has been made aware of some recent soccer goal injuries and fatalities, and feels the need to remind all leagues and coaches of the importance of goal safety.

Handling Bloodborne Pathogens

This outlines some guidelines for the safe handling of situations where there could be exposure to bloodborne diseases from participants.



Player Development Philosophy Video

This is a 30 minute video that compares player development in Georgia to that in Brazil and draws important Lessons for coaches and parents.

8v8 or 11v11 for 12U - Which one is better for player development?

Prepared by our Director of Coaching Jacob Daniel, this 20 minute video compares and contrasts 8v8 and 11v11. The conclusion is that 8v8 is better for 12U players development. The video explains why.


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