Please keep your clubs and leagues advised and aware of the serious concerns regarding accidents with portable soccer goals not being securely anchored.

Georgia Soccer received the following announcement that we feel all leagues and coaches need to read:

“We were having a water break and there was a group of kids standing in the goal. I turned to say something to the other coach, hear a scream, and the goalpost (a huge iron thing) is down and I've got a kid crawling around with blood spurting from his head. Pouring out like he's in a horror movie or something. Long story short, he's in the hospital, his head is fine but he's got a cracked vertebrae.

After so many emails I always check the posts, and the darn things were staked down. But it had rained really hard, the ground was soft, and when the post started over it just popped the stakes out like they were staples or something. We put the other goalpost down and the stakes for it came out easier than most dandelions I've pulled.”

Remember, just because you see a goal anchored into the ground, it does not mean that they are secure. Some of our Georgia leagues have gone to sand bags. They feel it is more secure than anchors. As stated above, anchors can come loose with wet or soft ground and if the anchors are being put back into the ground at the same spot, the holes get too big and the anchor is not secure.

Safety First with our Kids!