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Georgia Soccer and the NSCAA Join Forces to Increase the Scope of Education in Georgia

Georgia Soccer and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) have partnered to create a comprehensive education platform. The NSCAA is the largest coaches association in the world and is dedicated to serving and educating its members. The partnership will benefit all our member coaches by providing a broad range of courses and clinics to cover all aspects of the game. Starting in the summer of 2014, coaches will be able to register for an expanded menu of courses and clinics.

Course Hosting Notes

  1. It is incumbent upon you and your league to get coaches to register for the course, otherwise it will be canceled.

    Minimum Requirements:
    Rec G Course - 5 Coaches
    Rec F & Rec. E - 10 Coaches
    E & D - 15 Coaches
    NSCAA 4v4 Diploma - 15 Coaches
    NSCAA 7v7/9v9 Diploma - 15 Coaches
    NSCAA 11v11 Diploma - 15 Coaches
    NSCAA Goalkeeper – 15 Coaches
    NSCAA DOC Diploma – 15 Coaches
    NSCAA High School – 15 Coaches

    You will be contacted by Georgia Soccer Coaching Department two (2) weeks before the start date of any course to review the number of applicants and review the status of the course.
  2. For scheduling purposes, the standard course format is as follows:

    Rec G - 4 Hours (in any format)
    Rec F - 7 Hours (9am - 5pm)
    Rec. E - 7 Hours (9am - 5pm)
    National E - 16 Hrs. (Fri. 7pm - 10pm, Sat. 9am - 5pm, Sun. 12pm – 6pm)
    National D (Week 1) - 16 Hours (Fri. 7pm – 10 pm, Sat. 9am – 5pm, Sun. 12 pm – 6pm)
    National D (Week 2) - 16 Hours (Fri. 7pm – 10 pm, Sat. 9am – 5pm, Sun. 12 pm – 6pm)

Please Note that the D course format has changed. The 2 weekends of the course must now be scheduled separately and a minimum of 10 weeks between the first and second weekend. Clubs that wish to host a D course should only request the first weekend at this time and request the second weekend in the Winter of 2016 period.

  • NSCAA 4v4 Diploma - 3 Hours
    NSCAA 7v7/9v9 Diploma - 9 Hours
    NSCAA 11v11 Diploma - 12 Hours
    NSCAA Level 1 Goalkeeper – 6 Hours (9am – 4pm)
    NSCAA Level 2 Goalkeeper – 12 Hours (Sat. 9am – 4pm, Sun. 12pm – 6pm)
    NSCAA Level 3 Goalkeeper – 16 Hours (Fri. 7pm – 10pm, Sat. 9am – 5pm, Sun 12pm – 6pm)
    NSCAA DOC Diploma – 21 Hours (Thur. 7pm – 10pm, Fri. 7pm – 10pm, Sat. 9am – 6pm, Sun. 9am – 5pm)
    NSCAA High School – 21 Hours (Thur. 7pm – 10pm, Fri. 7pm – 10pm, Sat. 9am – 6pm, Sun. 9am – 5pm)
  1. The Rec G, Rec F and Rec E courses are FREE for Georgia Soccer Members. The National E course fee is $130 (plus $25 administrative fee for US Soccer) and the National D course is $170 (plus $25 administrative fee for US Soccer).  The NSCAA 4v4 Diploma fee is $35.  The NSCAA 7v7/9v9 Diploma fee is $80.  The NSCAA 11v11 Diploma fee is $100.  The NSCAA Level 1 Goalkeeper fee is $50. Level 2 Goalkeeper is $75. Level 3 Goalkeeper is $200. NSCAA DOC Diploma depends on location. NSCAA High School Diploma depends on location.
  2. Although not mandatory, it would be beneficial if indoor facilities, such as a school gym, could be secured for courses. These secondary locations can be used in case of inclement weather.
  3. Please make sure the participants have access to water. If you choose, you can plan to have coffee and/or drinks for the classroom sessions and water or Gatorade coolers for the field sessions.
  4. Please make sure that all candidates register online at least 2 weeks prior to the course date.
  5. Please make sure the coaches are aware that they will be participating in the field activities.

How to Request a Coaching Course in the ADG System

Instructions for submitting a request can be found in the Coaches section of the Georgia Soccer website on the Requesting Coaching Courses page.

As with all other components of this program, a person must have administrative access into the system to create / submit an event request / coaching education class. 

League registrars have full rights to all modules of the system and can add the coaching course request. However, if you choose to have your Director of Coaching, or if you have a Coaching Coordinator that will be submitting the request to Georgia Soccer, YOU MUST CREATE A USER PROFILE (if one does not already exist) and ASSIGN A USER NAME AND PASSWORD. 

The lowest level of access that can be given, if they are not already in the system, is league registrar assistant - no card printing. It is the league's choice as to who they wish to enter the course request.

If you have any questions, please contact Tara Daniel at 678-993-2110 or


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