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Getting Started with Soccer


Are you interested in registering yourself or your child to play soccer in Georgia, but don't know where to start? You have come to the right place. This page will point you to all of the information you will need to get registered and playing soccer in no time.


Find a Club

The first step is to find a club or league in your area. You can do this by using our online Club Finder. You can search by ZIP Code and desired distance from home, or simply browse the interactive map. We recommend selecting two or three clubs in your area to look at a bit closer. You can click on "Club Info" for any club and see its contact information and website. Club websites will offer complete details on the programs they offer.


Types of Programs

As you look at a few clubs in your area, you will run across a few types of programs that may not make sense at first. Below are the different types of programs our clubs might offer:

  • Recreational: Recreational programs are for youth players and are geared towards players who want to play "just for fun." Teams are not selected using tryouts and players are never "cut." Teams may be formed randomly or geographically by where players live.
  • Academy: Academy programs are competitive select soccer programs designed for younger players. Academy programs are for the U09, U10, U11, and U12 age groups, though there may be "pre-Academy" programs for players as young as U08. Teams are formed using tryouts, though the primary objective of these programs is player development.
  • Athena/Classic: These programs are for the competitive player in age groups U13 to U19. These teams are formed by tryouts, players are cut, and the focus is split between development and competition.
  • Adult Soccer: These programs are for players over the age of 19. These leagues may be further defined by age and no youth age players will be allowed.


Age Groups

For youth players, which age group a player participates in is dictated by their birthdate. Please see the chart below to find out into which age group your youth player will fall. Please note that there are different cutoff dates for recreational and competitive programs. The below dates are for the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 seasonal year.



Age Group Birth Year (Born on or After)
Under 4 2013 (From 1-1-13 to 12-31-13)
Under 5 2012 (From 1-1-12 to 12-31-12)
Under 6 2011 (From 1-1-11 to 12-31-11)
Under 7 2010 (From 1-1-10 to 12-31-10)
Under 8 2007 - 2008 (From 1-1-07 to 12-31-08)
Under 10 2005 - 2006 (From 1-1-05 to 12-31-06)
Under 12 2005 - 2006 (From 1-1-05 to 12-31-06)
Under 14 2003 - 2004 (From 1-1-03 to 12-31-04)
Under 16 2001 – 2002 (From 1-1-01 to 12-31-02)
Under 18

1999 – 2000 (From 1-1-99 to 12-31-00)

Under 19/20

1997 - 1998 (From 8-1-97 to 12-31-98)


Athena | Classic | Academy


Age Group                            Birth Year (Born on or After)

Under 09                               2008 (From 1-1-08 to 12-31-08)

Under 10                               2007 (From 1-1-07 to 12-31-07)

Under 11                               2006 (From 1-1-06 to 12-31-06)

Under 12                               2005 (From 1-1-05 to 12-31-05)

Under 13                               2004 (From 1-1-04 to 12-31-04)

Under 14                               2003 (From 1-1-03 to 12-31-03)

Under 15                               2002 (From 1-1-02 to 12-31-02)

Under 16                               2001 (From 1-1-01 to 12-31-01)

Under 17                               2000 (From 1-1-00 to 12-31-00)

Under 18                               1999 (From 1-1-99 to 12-31-99)

Under 19/20                          1997 - 1998 (From 8-1-97 to 12-31-98)



Participating in youth soccer does not require a substantial investment in equipment as is common in other youth sports. All youth players are required to wear shinguards, long soccer socks, and closed toe athletic shoes or cleats. Jerseys are issued by the club, sometimes for a fee. Recreational teams typically only have one jersey, while competitive select teams may require several full kits and warm-up gear. Your club will provide all uniform information to you when you register.


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