Soccer is the fastest growing team sport in the US. Every country in the world plays soccer. Georgia Soccer is very excited to be a part of this rapid growth surge. We welcome you to explore our pages and learn a little about the life of soccer in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Soccer is the coordination, service and de facto governance authority for soccer in the state and is comprised of individual member affiliate organizations that register players and form teams at the local level. We are the authorized state youth and adult association for Georgia within the United States Adult Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association, and through them is part of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Also, Georgia Soccer serves as the official National State Association of USSF making it responsible to act on behalf of USSF, provide licensing courses for coaches, certification courses for referees, and registering all players of our members.

Information on Adult Soccer in Georgia

Georgia Soccer, through its adult affiliate members, sponsors both men’s and women’s play in open age groups and specific older age groups (from Over 30 through Over 50) as well as co-gender (commonly referred to as co-ed) soccer.

For those wishing to find a place to play, contacting the appropriate Adult affiliate will allow you to find out more information about playing in Atlanta and Georgia as an adult.

Please note that several of the affiliates have hyperlinks embedded in their name listing in the Member Directory.

For further assistance of information contact or 678-993-2100.

National Cup

The National Cups Competition is the oldest and most prestigious soccer tournament in the United States for any person who is a member of a team playing in a league of four or more teams affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation and the United States Adult Soccer Association. The competition began in 1914 for the Men’s Open Cup. In 1923, the Men’s Amateur Cup was added, In 1980 the Women’s Amateur and Over 30 Cups were begun. Each year, some 250 teams across the United States participate in the National Cups Competition. 250 Teams! Of these, only 8 teams will become a National Champion in one of the following divisions: Men's Open Cup, Men's Amateur Cup, Men's Over 30 Cup, Men's Under 23 Cup, Women's Cup, and Women's Under 23 Cup.

A state level competition may be held. Winners of the state level competition will advance to the Region III National Cup Championships. The winners from each of the four regions in the US will compete for a National Championship title each Summer.

For more information on this program, please contact Karon Beyer, Director of Adult Competition.

USASA Veterans Cup

The annual USASA Veterans Cup tournament was established in 1998 by the United States Adult Soccer Association with the intention of providing high-level soccer to both men and women 30 years of age and older. The current Veterans Cup tournament is a 6-day event with an anticipated 140 adult soccer teams, comprising approximately 4,400 players, family members, and supporters. The tournament travels the country and is hosted by local USASA member organizations at the various locations.

The tournament is divided into the following divisions:
Men’s: Over 30, 35, 40 Premier and 1st division, 45, 50, 55 and 60
Women’s: Over 30, 40, 45, 50 and 55

For updated information please visit the USASA Veterans Cup website.

USASA Coed Cup

The United States Adult Soccer Association, USASA, established the Coed Cup in 1999 to provide a national competition for the coed soccer players in the United States. Teams are allowed to have 25 registered players on their roster for each game. Each division winner receives medals and the national championship trophy. The runners-up also receive medals and a trophy. For updated information for the 2010 competition, please visit USASA Coed Cup.

Elite Player Program

The goal of the Elite Player Program is to form the USASA Men's and Women’s National Select Teams. The National Select Teams will represent the USASA in competition with other professional and international teams.
The structure of the Elite Player Program begins at the State Association level, where scouts or coaches are recruited to seek out the best available players in their areas. Once these players have been identified, they are invited to attend the USASA Elite Player National Camp. At the Elite Player National Camp players will be tested in training sessions and games to determine a USASA National Select Team. The USASA National Select Teams then schedules events/games during the following year to provide the players opportunities to display their talents in front of professional and international competitions.

In addition to players being invited to the Elite Player National Camp, all National State Association Select Teams and/or League Select Teams within a National State Association are invited to compete in the USASA’s National Select Teams Championship, also known as the George F. Donnelly Cup.

USASA Elite Player Program Benefits and Opportunities include Elite Player National Camp, National Championship for State and League Select Teams - George F. Donnelly Cup, USASA National Select Team, Games versus professional teams, Games versus international teams, Scouting by professional team, Scouting by USSF National Coaching Staff, Evaluations by National Staff Coaches, Games versus US National Teams. For more information please visit USASA Elite Player Program.

USASA Coaching Program

The USASA offers two coaching education programs approved by US Soccer that are designed for the adult player. They are: the USASA Adult Coaching License and the Adult Coaching Certificate. These are US Soccer certified courses that offer training to the adult soccer membership. For more information, please visit USASA Coaching Program , USASA Coaching Manual, or contact Jacob Daniel , Georgia Soccer Director of Coaching.

Referee Training and Certification

Selected modules from the State, Intermediate and/or entry level training course manuals are utilized. For additional information on the adult referee program, please visit USASA Referee Program or contact a member of the State Referee Committee.