Age Group Coordinators (AGC) are your contact for any questions pertaining to your specific age group and level of play. Please refer to the below list for the AGC responsible for your age group and play level.

Academy Coordinator Eric Ritter
Academy Coordinator Tony Annan
Academy Coordinator Craig Cunningham
Academy Coordinator Angelo Yokaris
U13 Coordinator Drew Prentice
U14 Coordinator Rafe Mauran
U15 Coordinator Eric Keller
U16 Coordinator Kostas Hatzikoutelis
U17 Coordinator Kirsten Palmer
U18/19 Coordinator Angelo Yokaris
U13 Coordinator Ken Kurilec
U14 Coordinator Franklin Lawson
U15 Coordinator Stephen Paul
U16 Coordinator Steve Keiss
U17 Coordinator Melissa Camp 
U18/19 Coordinator Delroy Ziadie
District I    
U10 - U16 Girls Juan Castillo 
U10-U16 Boys Juan Castillo
U19 Girls & Boys Andy Henshaw

District II 
U10-U14 Girls & Boys Emily Kelso
U16 Boys & Girls Allison Miner
U19 Girls & Boys

District III
Andy Henshaw
U10-U16 Girls Gerry Cunningham
U10-U16 Boys Nigel Grant
U19 Girls & Boys Andy Henshaw