The Entry Course is the first class you will attend. For most, this means the Entry Course (R9). It is nine hours long, three on a weeknight (Thursday or Friday) and six hours on Saturday, four of which are on-field practice. All materials are provided. The cost is $80. The course fee does NOT include uniform or referee equipment, which will entail a cost of about $40 - $50 at a retailer. You must attend all of a nine (9) hours and pass a written 50-question test with 75% or higher. You will receive a teal Recreational Referee badge which will allow you to referee U-14 and younger recreational games and be an assistant referee on U-14 recreational and select games.

The Adult Player-Returning Referee Course is 16 hours long, taught over a single weekend. It is an entry class that covers all the Laws of the Game. It is intended for adults (over 16 years of age) with a minimum of ten years playing experience and referees who have let their registration lapse for more than four years. Requirements include scoring 75% or better on a 100-question test. Successful completion results in obtaining a referee grade 8 badge.

The Upgrade Course R9 to R8, often called the Bridge Class, is nine hours long with the same schedule as the Entry Class. The on-field exercise is only one hour. While the class covers all the laws, emphasis is placed on issues encountered at higher levels of play than recreational -- foul recognition and selection, recognizing and dealing with misconduct, managing the game and players -- all at the select level of youth play. The cost is $80. Requirements include scoring 75% or better on a 100-question test. Successful completion results in obtaining a referee grade 8 badge.

The Annual Recertification Course is five hours taught in one session. Requirements for passing include attendance for all five hours and passing a recertification test with a score of 60% for R9 referees, 70% for R8 referees. The cost is $75 and all materials are provided.

An In-service Referee Clinic is usually 1 1/2 hours long, but may vary. Topics are various and usually focus on one to three topics per session. In-service classes DO NOT count toward certification or re-certification. They are free and open to any referee.

The Annual Recertification Course for Advanced Referees (Gold Rush) is a two-day advanced clinic required for referees of grades 7, 6, and 5. It is open to any referee interested in receiving advanced instruction focused on the highest levels of the game. This class is presented once per year and the cost is set annually. This is a recertification class and DOES NOT satisfy any requirement for upgrade.

The Upgrade to R7 from R8 Course is a one-day class addressing referee techniques and principles for higher levels of play at U-19 and adult. The cost is $155 and includes the necessary assessment fees. All materials are provided. In addition to passing the referee test with a score of 85% or better, the upgrade candidate must pass an on-field assessment on a U-17 or older game (90 minute duration). This class is typically offered twice per year, sometimes at multiple locations, depending on demand.

The Upgrade to R6 from R7 Course is a three-day class taught over one weekend. It addresses referee issues faced on adult and professional level matches. Besides passing the State Referee Test with a score of 75% or better, the candidate must pass two field assessments as referee and one as assistant referee on adult matches. The cost is $265, which includes fees for the necessary assessments.

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