Request an Assessment

National Referees, Grade 5 Referees and Grade 5 Candidates should continue to book assessments directly with the National Coach of your choice.

Grade 6 State Referees and State Referee Candidates must complete the Assessment Request Form in order to request an assessment. If you have already submitted an assessment request to the State Director of Assessment (SDA) via email prior to April 22, 2019, it is null and void and must be resubmitted.

Please note that each game requires an individual request to be submitted. Once submitted, there is an option to edit. Please save the edit link in case any game details change (date, time, etc.).

If for any reason a game is cancelled, notify the SDA via email as soon as possible. If less than 48 hours notice, notify both the State Referee Administrator (SRA) and State Director of Assessment (SDA) via email, so the assigned assessor may be notified.

For any questions about assessments, contact the State Director of Assessment, Patrick Baker.