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Request a Coaching Course

Requesting Coaching Courses Online

  1. Log in to your ADG URL site.

  2. Click on Event Manager on the left navigation tool bar.

Create an Event

  1. Click on Create. This will take you to the Events page.

  2. Under the Event Name, type in the course level and location. For example, Rec F Course Fayetteville. All courses should be titled the same way, i.e. Rec E Course (location). Each course must be entered separately.

  3. Under Create this Event For, leave the text box blank next to Georgia Soccer Event.

  4. Under Select District, select Youth.

  5. Under Select League, select your league name and leave the Select Club text box blank.

  6. For Event View Mode, select Open to Public.

  7. For Calendar Type Name, select Coaches Education.

  8. For Allow Quantity Registration, select No. For Require Attendee Name on the List, leave this blank.

  9. Put a check mark in both boxes of Requires Registration and Requires Payment, even for the courses that are free of charge, i.e. Rec G, Rec F and Rec E. This is a necessary configuration to produce a receipt at the point of registration showing date, time and location of class.

  10. Leave Auto Accept blank.

  11. Under Attendee View Mode, select List Not Viewable to Public and Attendees.

  12. For Event Start Date, click on the calendar icon and select the first date of the class.

  13. For Event End Date, select the last day of the class using the calendar.

  14. For Start Accept Application Date, select today’s date.

  15. For End Accept Application Date, select the last working weekday before the class starts.

  16. Enter the correct season where it says, Belonging to Season Year. For example, 2018/2019.  

  17. Click Save and Continue.

Event Description

  1. Copy and paste the synopsis of the request course level (Rec G, Rec F, Rec E, and National E & D) from the descriptions listed at the bottom of this page. Click Save and Continue.

  2. Select the Event Location text box to see if your location is already in the system. If not, type in the event location and all applicable and required addresses and telephone numbers. Note: This list is not in alphabetical order. Type in the first few letters of your location to a possible match quicker. When you have completed this, click Save and Continue.

 Event/Create a New Event Page

  1. Make sure Primary Contact (top right hand side in Red) is highlighted. This will be the person at your association that will be responsible for basic information and questions regarding the course, i.e. times, locations, etc.

  2. You can use the Lookup tab (middle tab of 2nd line) for individuals with your league that may already have a profile and may be the contact person. After clicking on the Lookup tab, type the contact person’s last name into the box next to Search and click on Search. If you see the person’s name, click on it. If that person is not found, exit the box, complete all the required fields and click create.

  3. Click on Event Session (on top 2nd tab). Under List Available Session for this Event, click on Edit. Under the Session Name text box you should see your course title. Under Min/Max Attendee’s Information, please enter the following: Min - Rec G-5, Rec F & Rec E-10, National D – 15 and Max - whatever capacity your classroom can hold.

  4. Under Certification License Level, select the level you are requesting

  5. Session Start Date and Session End Date should already appear in the drop boxes.

  6. Under the Event Description Box, put your class information, i.e. Rec F Course – Fayetteville, and click Update.

  7. Click on Session Itinerary (3rd one on second line). From the Event Session dropdown box, select the Course Level & Location that appears in the box.

  8. Click on Add New Row (under Available Date) and then click on All Dates drop box and select the first date displayed for the class.

  9. Click on Available Type drop box and select Course.

  10. Click on Hour drop box and select the Starting Time. For minutes, select 00. Do the same for End Time. Click Save.

  11. Click on Add New Row/Click on All Dates, select the next date and continue.

  12. Repeat if class has 2 dates or more. Note: If the class is more than one day, you can add an itinerary to each day if you choose. This is not a required field. You can add this information in to the Event Description box if you wish. Click on View Itinerary in Plain Table Format to check if the hours typed are correct.

  • All other configurations will be handled by staff at Georgia Soccer

  • Publishing the event will take place at Georgia Soccer once the course has been submitted and approved.

Course Synopses

  • National Grassroots License Courses:

    • Grassroots 4v4 In-Person Course: for coaching 6U and 8U teams. 

      • Duration: 4 hours

      • Cost: $45 plus $25 US Soccer administrative fee

    • Grassroots 7v7 In-Person Course: for coaching 9U and 10U teams.

      • Duration: 4 hours

      • Cost: $45 plus $25 US Soccer administrative fee

    • Grassroots 9v9 In-Person Course: for coaching 11U and 12U teams.

      • Duration: 4 hours

      • Cost: $45 plus $25 US Soccer administrative fee

    • Grassroots 11v11 In-Person Course: for coaching 13U and older teams.

      • Duration: 4 hours

      • Cost: $45 plus $25 US Soccer administrative fee


  • National D License Coaching Course - provides a detailed analysis of the modern methods of coaching advanced players of all ages, and runs over two weekends at least four weeks apart.

    • Duration: 40 hours instruction, 30 hours assignments

    • Cost: $275 plus $25 US Soccer administrative fee 


  • Rec G Course - provides fun activities that enhance players' skill development. Attendance is required to receive the Rec G Certificate. course is for coaches who are coaching 6U and 8U,  Minimum of 5 registrations required to hold class.

    • Duration: 4 hours

    • Cost: Free for Georgia Soccer members; $50 for non-members


  • Rec F Course - tailored for the coach who is working with 10U and 12U recreational players. The emphasis is on teaching young players through fun games. Attendance is required to receive the Rec F Certificate.. Minimum of 10 registrations required to hold class.

    • Duration: 7 hours

    • Cost: Free for Georgia Soccer members; $90 for non-members


  • Rec E Course - aimed at coaches of recreational players 14U and older who are not planning to continue on to the D course. Attendance is required to receive the Rec E Certificate. There is no pre-requisite as long as attendees are coaching 14U or older teams. The Rec E Certificate cannot be used as a prerequisite for the D course. Minimum of 10 registrations required to hold class.

    • Duration: 7 hours

    • Cost: Free for Georgia Soccer members; $90 for non-members


  • USC 4v4 Diploma - This course involves both classroom and field work and is geared towards the 8U coach. Curriculum is packed with age-appropriate activities around the 4v4 game structure. No prerequisite needed.

    • Duration: 3 hours

    • Cost: depends on location


  • USC 7v7/9v9 Diploma - This course is geared towards 9U to 12U coaches. Content highlights player development, principles of play, technique and tactics with small sided play.  No prerequisite needed.

    • Duration: 9 hours

    • Cost: depends on location


  • USC 11V11 DiplomaMoving up the continuum of age levels to the 13 and above player, this diploma is designed for an intermediate coach. It is a in-person course focused on the 11v11 game with topics including the modern numbering system, formations and systems of play, player competencies and defensive and offensive tactics. No prerequisite needed.

    • Duration: 12 hours

    • Cost: depends on location


  • USC Level 1 Goalkeeper Diploma - This course is geared towards the team coach and focusing on helping the team coach evaluate his/her keeper performance in the game and design appropriate practice in and outside of team practices. No prerequisite needed.

    • Duration: 6 hours

    • Cost: $50


  • USC Level 2 Goalkeeper Diploma - This is a course geared towards the specialist goalkeeper coach and the team coach looking for in-depth information surrounding the coaching of keepers. The Level 1 Goalkeeper Diploma is a prerequisite.

    • Duration: 12 hours

    • Cost: $75


  • USC Level 3 Goalkeeper Diploma - This is a course geared towards the specialist goalkeeper coach and the team coach looking for in-depth information surrounding the coaching of keepers. The focus is on the tactical aspects of goalkeeping within the team framework and the specifics of training a keeper. The Level 2 Goalkeeper Diploma is a prerequisite.

    • Duration: 18 hours

    • Cost: $200


  • USC Director of Coaching Diploma - This is a course designed to address the issues facing the Director of Coaching of an American club. The curriculum examines the technical, conceptual, leadership and administrative skills required of Directors of Coaching of youth clubs. This is accomplished through a curriculum rich in application and theory and will focus on organizational structure, methods of coaching, leadership theory, evaluation and development of coaches and players and fiscal, legal and moral responsibility. Candidates will understand each of the individual units of the club as well as the interrelationship of those parts to achieve the specific goals and objectives of a youth soccer club. The fee for this course will depend on the location. No prerequisite is needed.

    • Duration: 21 hours

    • Cost: depends on location


If you have any questions or issues, contact Tara Daniel at or (678) 993-2110.